The Welfare Rights Unit


The Welfare Rights Unit is a new service in East Dunbartonshire.

We can offer you:

What Benefits Might I be Entitled to?


You may be able to claim a range of different benefits. This will depend on your personal circumstances. The more common benefits are:




Where do I get Advice on Welfare Rights?


The staff at your local Social Work office can give you general information about benefits and how to make a claim. You can write phone or visit to make an appointment.


If your enquiry is complex, the local Social work office may refer you to specialist welfare rights staff in the Welfare Rights Unit



If I disagree with a decision about my benefits, can I challenge this?


Yes you can appeal against the decision.


How do I go about this?


Your local Social Work office can assist by lodging an appeal against the decision you disagree with. Your case will then be passed to the Welfare Rights Unit.


I'm a member of a community group and I'd like to arrange a talk on welfare benefits.


To do this please contact the Welfare Rights Unit. The address and telephone number are on the below.

Talks can cover a wide range of benefits or concentrate on just a few.


Benefit Take Up Campaigns


A lot of people simply donít claim the benefits the are entitled to. By organising take up campaigns, we can raise public awareness of the benefits that are available and increase the income of the people in East Dunbartonshire. £££ Millions of bene fits go unclaimed every year.


Don't lose out, Claim what's yours!


Tribunal Representation


Welfare Rights staff can represent you at a range of different Tribunal Hearings. These include:


Welfare Rights Commitment


The Social Work Department is committed to the Council's corporate approach of tackling social and economic need in communities across East Dunbartonshire. Many people who approach the Department depend on welfare benefits.


Introducing new benefits or changing existing ones can make it more difficult for people to claim them. One of our major aims is to provide a Welfare Rights Benefit check for all Social Work Department customers. This will make sure that people get the maximum amount of benefit they are entitled to.


If you think you need a benefit check, contact the Advice and Response Team to make an appointment with the duty officer. The address and telephone number are below.


Duty officers are trained by welfare rights staff and can deal with most benefit enquiries. If your case is complex they will refer you to staff at the welfare rights unit.



You can find the Welfare Rights Unit at:


Because of limited office space we are not able to deal with people calling in person. Please contact your local Social Work office with any initial enquiry.


Advice and response are based at:


Other Social Work Offices are: