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Income Support Rates from April 1995

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Personal Allowances

Aged 25 or over 46.50
Aged 18 - 2436.80
Aged 16 -17 Usual Rate28.00
Aged 16 -17 Higher Rate in specific circumstances36.80
Both age 16 -1755.55
One or both aged 18+73.00
Dependent Children
Under 1115.95
11 to 1523.40
16 to 17 28.00
Aged 18 36.80
Claimants with no fixed abode claim personal allowance according to age but do not qualify for any premiums.


- The following are payable on top of any other premiums.
- The Carers and The Disabled Child Premium are payable to each qualifying person in the family.
Disabled Child 19.80
Carers 12.60
Severe Disability
Single Rate 35.05
Couple (Both Qualify for DLA) 70.10
Only one of the following premiums are payable at any one time, whichever is the highest
Lone Parent ????
Single 19.80
Couple 28.30
Single 18.60
Couple 28.05
Enhanced Pensioner
Single 20.70
Couple 30.90
Higher Pensioner
Single 25.15
Couple 35.95

Residential Home Rates For people in homes prior to April 1993
Elderly 197
Very Dependent Elderly (Blind or receiving Higher Rate Attendance Allowance) 227
Mentally Ill 207
Drug/Alcohol Dependent 207
Learning Disability 237
Physical Disablement
Below Pension Age267
Above Pension Age197
Others 197

Personal Expenses Allowances For people in care after April 1993
Nursing Home Rates
Mentally Ill 296
Drug/Alcohol Dependent 296
Learning Disabled 301
Physical Disablement
Below Pension Age 331
Above Pension Age 295
Others including Elderly and Terminally Ill 295
Residential Allowance 51.00
Residential & Nursing care 13.35
For people in hospital
Lower Rate 11.75
Higher Rate 14.70

Capital Savings Limits
Income Support & Family Credit 8,000
Admission to Residential Care 16,000
Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Disability Working Allowance. 16,000
Amount Disregard In Residential Care 10,000
Amount Disregard all other cases 3,000
Tarrif Income - 1 per week for every 250 between the disregard and capital cut off

Direct Deductions
Income Support
Child Maintentance 2.35
Poll Tax Arrears
Single 2.35
Couple 3.70
Council Tax, Fuel Debt, Rent Arrears, Water Rates, Fines 2.35
Ordinary 7.05
With conviction for fraud 9.40